Direct Mail

Stand Out In a Competitive Space


Our direct mail service has a proven track record of bringing in a ton of new leads to your practice.

Looking for a unique way to reach your potential patients? Try out one of our direct mailing campaigns. People are sick and tired of getting bombarded with emails all day long. What about phone calls? That’s even worse!

Direct mail when done right can be extremely effective. The hard part is getting people to open your direct mail piece and not throw it out straight away.


Our Process is 3 steps

Step 1: Mailing List

We have partners in the mailing list industry that can give us very specific lists to your targeted areas.

Step 2: Production

This is where we brainstorm what is to be mailed out. Typically we will pick a great offer that will make sure people contact you.

Step 3: Mail

With everything in place we will finalize all the details and send out the direct mail campaign.

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